Popayan, Colombia

At the bus station in Otavalo, Ecuador I met two friendly German women who were heading in the same direction and our first stop a couple hours from the border was the well-preserved colonial city, Popayan, known as Cuidad Blanca (White City). The City reminded me of another Ciudad Blanca I had known five years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, Sucre.

Leaving Ecuador for Colombia was exciting due to the great unknown that lay ahead. When I began my travels to South America never did I guess that Colombia would be my last stop, let alone a highlight! Why a highlight you might ask? Three words: architecture, coffee and nature. Popayan satisfied the first and second categories.

My Traveling Real pic is the cafe. Those coffee makers are the norm there- coffee pours out of one side and hot milk out the other. There was nothing quite like immersing myself in a crowded Colombian cafe that first morning in order to Really Know I’m actually in Colombia.